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6th Boro Pre-Season Training is a great opportunity for CYO and high school players to get physically and technically ready for the long basketball season coming up. For three days per week, the players go through one hour of detailed skills training and basketball specific conditioning. The program is meticulously designed to maximize the last few weeks before winter tryouts.

We also offer athletic development including weight lifting and conditioning, which focus on developing the player’s body to compete at the highest level. This portion of training is only offered to high school athletes only.

Training will be offered at Fordham Prep.


Get Ready for Tryouts

The season is just around the corner… Get in the gym!

Plans and Details

Regular Price

  • Sept 10 to Nov 1 (16 sessions)
  • Tuesday to Wednesday
  • 1st to 4th grade – 6-7pm
  • 5th to 8th grade – 7-8pm
  • High Schoolers – 8-9pm
  • Boys and Girls at Fordham Prep