Group Sessions and Individuals

6th Boro group and individual lessons take detail to the next level. We work with all our players to help them perfect the exact area they need the most help in.

Sessions are a rigorous hour filled with education and hard work. These sessions are open for all players in 4th grade and older.

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Summer Academy

The summer academy is the best way to get better each summer. This program is open to boys and girls in grades 8th and up. For four days a week, the players go through two hours of detailed skills work. The program is meticulously designed in order to help each player maximize their time in the gym. The program also has an athletic development portion which focuses on developing the players body’s in order for them to play at the highest level.

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3×3 Development League

Tthe 6th Boro 3×3 league takes place every winter for both our younger and older players. The reason we have started our own 3×3 league is due to the fact that it is the best type of game situations a young child needs. Players get to touch the ball more often, which is extremely important at any age, but even more so at a younger age. Children properly learn how important floor spacing is. They are also focused on playing against someone 1v1, forcing them to use the skills they’ve learned in order to get by their defender. The players also learn how to score without any plays or offensive motions. There are no coaches in this league, the children are encouraged to think on their own and figure out offensive schemes during the course of play.

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Travel Teams

6th Boro elite travel teams travel around the country to play against the toughest competition. The aim of our elite teams is to focus on their potential as college athletes.

All tournaments played will be NCAA live period tournaments that give our players the chance to showcase their talents in front of college coaches.

Registrations Open in the Spring

Day Camps

6th Boro day camps are where kids come to fall in love with the game at a young age. We offer full and half day camps during winter and summer months for children in grades K-6th.

Children are taken through a 6 hour day of games, drills, competitions, and many other team building exercises. The aim of our day camp is to have fun, but more importantly learn important basketball skills along the way. All campers receive a t-shirt, bag, and water bottle. Snacks and pizza are available for purchase at every camp.

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After School

The instruction comes directly to you with our famous 6th Boro After School Program. The idea is to bring the basketball education directly to your school that way your young athlete does not have to go anywhere for quality instruction!

Our program is aimed towards our beginners in grades K-4th. During these 1 hour after school sessions we focus directly on teaching the athletes all the technical skills it takes to play basketball. Dribbling, shooting, passing, coordination development, footwork, pivoting, and defense are some of the key technical aspects we focus on during these beginning years in our After School Program.

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